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info for better buys a blog for consumers to be informed of both good and bad buys based on personal experiences and research, as well as business complaints. Monday, March 21, 2016 Don't Bank With TD Canada Trust (Complete Incompetent Criminal Harassers and Culpable Business Fraudster) I was on vacation and went to use my credit card and it was declined.

I was forced to call the TD credit card call center. They informed me of some fraud charges toon my card and that they had cancelled my card. They maintained they tried to reach me by phone, however no record of this was ever found, nor did they attempt to contact me by email either. I believe it is their policy not to contact you.

They said the $2000 plus fraud charges would be refunded on my card, however when I checked the balance on my card, I found tha tot they had debited the fraud charges rather than credited them. I now had $4000 plus of unauthorized charges on my card. I was forced to call them again, and they maintained they would correct this error. When I checked my balance again, I found that they had credited the $2000 debit error, but put me back to square one with original $2000 plus fraud charges still on my card.

At this point I had logged hours on the phone with them, sometimes waiting 30 minutes to reach someone do to call volume. No wonder the wait times are so long, when they are making the most incompetent errors that even a fifth grader couldn't possible make. So when I was forced to call them yet again, I demanded to speak with the department that keeps making these incompetent errors. I was then transferred to India where I was unable to communicate with the person on the phone, while trying to explain to simply minus the plus fraud charges on my card, stating they didn't have the authority to do this.

They eventual got the issue resolved after a couple of weeks and hours upon hours of wasted time on the phone while on vacation. Further to their incompetence, in a separate incident, they halted access to our TD Direct investment account( Brokerage division of TD Canada Trust) without contacting us, by phone or email. Again, I believe it is their policy not to attempt to contact you, and force you to contact them. It was only when we went online to get immediate cash that a message came up stating we need to update your address, so we closed access to your account and require you to call us.

What!. We haven't moved in 20 years. So we called and had to wait 45 minutes to get through to someone do to call volume, go figure. They then state it is not our address, but a business phone number issue.

Is it***7185? No it's ***1785! What!, you closed our account for this. They must be on some make work project, making fake changes to your account then forcing you to call them needlessly.

This is pure bull. Also to add insult to injury, they stated they will now reopen this account in 48 hours or so. What! We needed the money immediately.

They then wasted another 30 minutes or so attempting to do a investment trade for us so we would have the money we needed, but later stated they couldn't do anything while the account was locked. As a final last straw, as per their claim to have the account reopened in 48 hr.s, it never was, I had to call again, and wait another 45 minutes, even though their automated system said it would be 5 minutes to reach someone. They then had the nerve to state it was still locked for an address update. This time a manager stated the account may have been locked automatically, if mail had been returned them.

What! It then occurred to me that this may be some sort of a scam to force us to go to entirely paperless mail and save them money at our expense, as we routinely do not receive all our mailed tax documents, including the current 2015 tax year. They forced us to call them and wait hours on hold, so we may be enticed to avoid further lockouts and go paperless. Sure seems like a scam to me.

Therefore it went back to square one again and I give up. The incompetence of this bank never seems to stop, as I also have a problem with travel agency division of TD Canada Trust known as, "Expedia for TD". Besides having to wait more than 6 months to get a credit card refund for their price match program (as prices were cheaper elsewhere), they were now holding up payment for a credit card update. What!

The credit card number hasn't changed, but it has renewed during this 6 months, and they should be aware of this. The new expiry date (always 3 year ahead ), would be known to them, and should not be an excuse to force me to contact them giving credit card info over the internet or the phone. Also they can always do a refund to a credit card with an expired date in any event, so they have no excuses other than their complete incompetence. I received another email from them demanding I call them to resolve this issue.

I was on the phone for almost 2 hours as I was transferred from one person to another. They finally stated my card was now refunded without ever asking me for my credit card info. Obviously this means they never had a reason to hold payment and force me to call them in any event. This again must be their scam to make sure you never pursue a price match again, and or they really are that stupid and incompetent.

Further to the incompetency at Expedia for TD, I had a problem with their website vs. other travel websites giving me major conflicting prices. $700 vs. $1200 for the same flight.

The $700 flights on the TD site all disappeared within an hour of booking my out of country vacation stay with Airbnb based on these flight prices. The exact same flight was now $1200 on the TD site that was $700 just an hour earlier. I took screen shots to capture this problem for the record. It occurred to me that this information possibly could have been hacked from the internet and now the necessary flights were now appearing to being jacked higher, as cancelling the rental property would be more expensive than paying a higher flight price.

I was forced to call Expedia for TD to resolve this. As usual,big mistake. The person stated they could not see anything less than $900 on their screen and I could hardly communicate with him as he stated the entire call center was in Cairo Egypt. I told him I was still able to view the same flight for $700 that was on the TD site and 50 other similar flights for this same price range on

Again he stated his lowest prices were nowhere near that, and that prices do change even hourly. Really! They can jump almost 80% in just an hour, and just after I had completed a property booking based on that exact flight. Amazing!

The airlines companies did not change their flight prices, it was Expedia for TD! Their website was now showing price gouging with nearly double flight prices, as the flight prices hadn't changed on other travel sites as well. I was forced to book through Redtag where I was able to call in Canada and they were very helpful to secure the exact same flight that was still the exact same $700 price it had been for even days prior. They also still had 50 or so alternative flights all at the $700 range.

I was then forced to call TD rewards to get my $425 points credit taken off my purchase, as Expedia for TD could now never be trusted for any kind of travel arrangements. I also note that the other previously mentioned issue with Expedia for TD that forced me into a price match issue for a flight may have also part of their possible price fixing scheme a year early. Who knows how long this potential customer price gouging scheme has been going on? I put a request through the RCMP fraud division to investigate this issue, as some sort of a possible price fixing/gouging collaboration scheme.

Therefore my travel card and Expedia for TD is now useless, and so are my needs to be with any part of TD Bank whatsoever. I have had contact with T.D. management and their useless ombudsman department on these issues that was no help at all. They did not address the lack of contact issue for both the credit card cancellation and the investment account suspension.

They claimed calls were attempted regarding the credit card, and account suspension, even though my wife was there the whole time, but acknowledged their system does not leave any messages, even if their call was somehow missed, so it is worthless. Since we have never received a call or email about cancellations or suspensions, I suggested that policies and automated systems that failed must be changed . I suggest that TD should notify customers of halted cards or accounts through their individual secure account message systems, the same as the Canada Revenue Agency. CRA sends you a simple email stating, "We have an important message for you, please login into your secure account to view ".

The fact that TD direct investment call center personnel had no knowledge of why our account was suspended without a managers intervention, was also never acknowledged or addressed, nor was the extended wait times trying to reach them. I also suggested they should never rely on Canada Post's ability to deliver mail, and that they should automatically check the address they have on file, and re mail before they suspend someone's account. They never properly addressed the Expedia for TD credit card complaints at all, however I suggest they scrap their price match program in favour of simply honouring the price found elsewhere immediately. However the biggest problem I have with TD is the lack of a transparent customer complaints website for all to view and verify if others are having the same problems.

I am sure that if enough people are having the same problems, then TD would be forced to improve their customer service. As a result of this and many other incompetent acts by this bank, including being continuously routed back and forth to other on hold department call lines, with the classic " I don't know", or "not my department" excuse, or transferring me to the completely wrong departments, or just hanging up a lot of the time, I am now in the process of finding another bank for all my family accounts. Update Dec. 8/17.

I had noted some issues with my $U.S. credit card where some pending transactions were removed, and I suspected the card may have been suspended, and decided to call. TD has a history of suspending my cards, without contacting me, and leaving me in the worst position of having my card declined. I called and the incompetent power tripping call center representative, decided to make my situation worse by suspending this card entirely and forcing me to go to a U.S.

TD branch to prove my identity, simply because I gave a conflicting answer to just one of two only ambiguous security questions. The call center refused my repeated requests to resolve the issue by asking me as many further security questions as they like. I was forced to go to a U.S TD branch, where both the employee and myself were subjected to a further 2.5 hours dealing with up to 10 even more incompetent call center reps. Finally a branch manager at a TD Canada location, showed some common sense, and worked with the U.S.

branch and myself to resolve the issue. Both the U.S. and Candian branch reps stated this was all totally unnecessary, and that the call centers were clearly to blame. Update Dec.29/17.

TD has now left me in a position of possibly being evicted from my rental condo, as my $U.S. dollar credit card that was originally used for this booking has been declined. The same people that caused the Dec.8/17 issue, blocked this card as well, even though this card was never even mentioned in the above issue, and I specifically asked if they were going to block my other cards as well. They stated positively no other cards would be blocked.

They lied! This went on unchecked despite me already being in contact with TD management, namely Mr. Cline regarding all that has occurred to date. TD management would have had access to and policy knowledge of whether any other of my TD cards had blocks on them.

Either I had been knowingly harassed all the way to the top, or there is further incompetency all the way to the top at TD. As a result I could not pay Airbnb because the card was now permanently blocked by PayPal as well, even when TD removed the block. I can now no longer use PayPal for anything thanks to TD. To add insult to injury I was forced to pay Airbnb with my other Canadian issued TD $us dollar visa card and they purposely, and they claim legally, charged it in $cdn dollars with a 3% conversion fee and TD visa charged 2.5% to covert it back, on top of the 2.5% TD charged to buy the $us dollars to begin with.

On a $8k US total transaction this is $640 in conversion fees alone. Also when I called TD yet again, having logged more than 8 hr.s on this further esculation, I found that my remaining bank cards had been blocked as well. They simply threw me to the dogs to find out what cards were blocked as I required to use them. They never made any effort to inform me that any other cards were unusable as well, or unblock all of them as a result of the Dec.8/17 issue.

This is pure criminal harrassment and TD employees are getting away with ruining customer lives for sport. I no longer trust anyone at TD , and I don't trust any of my investments, banking, travel or cards with them. All these issues need to go to all criminal business fraud authorities everywhere, consumer protection authorities, as well as all class action lawyers in all jurisdictions and to all national media outlets, TV and internet websites. In short TD should be held liable for $ Billions to all it's criminally harassed and exploited customers.

Furthermore, because banks unlike other businesses, can hold customers hostage to staying with them do to the extensive time consuming expenses of changing banks, I believe an independent regulatory body needs to be enacted to financially compensate customers to switch banks. average joe consumer at 2:37 PM Share No comments: Post a Comment ‹ › Home View web version About Me average joe consumer View my complete profile Powered by Blogger.

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OMG. This is the worst ever.

This should be published to CNN News, or get in in the Newspaper. How can TD still be a company after this ***

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